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Buy Original Artworks exclusively

Discover original artworks of Lucia Schautz exclusively at the Art Shortlist in Paris. Here you can find out everything about the media, location and price. Art Shortlist is digital platform and art gallery of contemporary emerging and famous artists.

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High quality Fine Art Prints in all materials and formats

Discover the artwork of Lucia Schautz as poster prints, in different materials and formats. Find your very own favorite motifs and convince yourself of our high quality.

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Original Artwork for Sale


Look at the details. The sold works are marked with sold. If a work is in an exhibition, I can reserve it for you.

The prices of my original artworks are on request. By contacting overhere you can request a price for a certain artwork. The prices of prints are including transport.

All the artworks are made on high quality professional canvas. The mixed media artworks are all finished with glossy, UV protecting blanc laquer.
Besides this makes the artworks shiny, the laquer keeps all the parts strong and tight together.

Average price for transporting an artwork worldwide (artwork of 100x100cm) is around €150. Prices of prints and screenprints are inclusive transportation.

The artworks can be transported worldwide with professional transportation. Stretched canvas above the 100x100cm will be transported in a highly secure wooden crate. Canvas under 100x100cm will be transported in secure cardboard boxes. Prints are going in tubes.

Average time before the artwork arrives is 3-4 days, depending of country and customs. After a order you’ll receive a track and trace to follow the artwork. When an artwork arrives in a bad shape or disappears, you will always get your money back.

If you want a piece of art, which is already sold, just contact for further ideas.

Yes, all artworks are unique. Even the Editions, in which a figure is printed from the same stencil, is unique by the individual painting.


For available works, please ask for the price.

Comissioned Work

How to order an individual artwork

Step 1 Align the vision

The first step is to roughly describe your request and send us reference pictures or inspiration pictures by email. As soon as we have fully adjusted to your creative vision, we will agree a price! As soon as the first payment is made, your place will be saved in Lucia’s painting queue.

Step 2 Create your painting

As soon as the first half of your work has been paid for, we arrange a 30-minute chat appointment between you and Lucia to get to know each other on a deeper level and to go through the information and images for the artwork. After that, Lucia begins the process of creating your painting! Upon request, she first draws up a concept sketch that is submitted to you for approval. As soon as you agree, she starts painting!

Step 3 Big revelation

As soon as the picture is finished, we will show a high-resolution picture and a professional film video of your new painting! After the artwork is completely dry, we will carefully pack your new painting and we will coordinate all shipping arrangements. Your artwork will then be on your way to your new home!

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