You have discovered a work of Lucia Schautz, but it is already sold, or the size and color do not fit your ideas. You have a certain motive/portrait and want to make this in the style of Lucia as a painting. Then ask for a commissioned work by Lucia Schautz.

Lucia makes paintings as commissioned works, depending on the time capacity, which correspond in kind and manner to the special art style of Lucia Schautz. This means a commissioned work is developed in the same painting and silkscreen technique as all other artworks. The result is always an unmistakable original by Lucia Schautz, signed and dated with a personal dedication, including a certificate of authenticity.

This is how the creation of a commissioned work is done

  1. You describe as detailed as possible your desired work of art

Specify as detailed as possible how your personal artwork should be designed by Lucia. To do this, you can write an email or make a telephone appointment (+49 30 44703203). Lucia needs the following information from you:

  • Reference artwork(s) to describe the style or face.
  • Motif: specific face, other motifs
  • Colors, color relations in the picture e.g. is there a dominant color
  • Size of the artwork
  • Screen printing elements: font, characters, natural elements, (do you have individual characters, fonts, which you want to integrate into the picture?)
  • Overall effect of the picture
  • Ratio painting- silkscreen (some works contain more painting, some more silkscreen elements, some are balanced, which do you prefer?)
  • Other features that are important to you

Please note, that Lucia can work without more specifics, so you can give her more ‘freedom’ in creating your personal artwork.

In case you want to be inspired first:

There are often several options for a commissioned work. Maybe you want to be inspired, or maybe you don’t quite know yet what suits you, your art collection or your interior best. No problem. Lucia will be happy to advise you via video call, email or a short phone call.

  1. You will receive a preliminary offer

As soon as Lucia has gathered all the necessary information, you will receive a preliminary offer, including a rough sketch. This will list all the details discussed in sketch form and will not yet show the finished work, but only a sketch of the face and the rough composition of the image. If you agree with this, we will move on to step 3. If you still have questions, we will then schedule a phone appointment or video meeting to discuss your ideas together.

  1. You confirm the offer with a deposit of 25%­­­­

Once 25% of your work is paid, Lucia will begin the process of creating your painting! She first creates a more detailed sketch, which she presents to you for approval. Once you approve, Lucia starts the painting!

  1. You will receive a photo of your finished artwork

Once the painting is finished, Lucia will send you a high-resolution photo and a professional film video of your new painting!

If you are completely happy with your new painting, we will continue with step 5. If you have any open questions or change requests, please do not hesitate to share your ideas and thoughts. Together we will clarify your request by email, phone or video.

  1. You decide for framing the painting or not

If you like, you decide for a framing. For this you will receive appropriate proposals, matching your interior. Framing is always optional. Each artwork is on canvas stretched on canvas frame and can be easily hung without special framing.

  1. The artwork is shipped

After the artwork has completely dried, we carefully pack your new painting in secure packaging and coordinate all shipping arrangements. Your artwork is then on its way to you in its new home!

Lucia not only showed us that art conveys personal content, she also gave us as collectors the added value for content-based art.

Sybille and Werner Mang

Just crazy. Simply fitting. To the point. I like to buy more.

Dieter Hansen

In the meantime we are still very happy with your work and will be adding it to our art collection in the future.

Jürgen Schmatz

Great works Lucia. I’m excited. Keep it up.

Sam Smith

Incredible work by Lucia Schautz. I’ve still loved it for many years.

Eva and Dieter Horst

Our picture `The girl on the sofa` has been keeping us company every day for years. Thank you very much for the great artwork, Lucia.

Christine Licht

Great communication, Lucia understood me without words. It was as if she could read my mind and the result was adorable

Sarah Miller

Frequently Asked Questions:

  1. How long does it take Lucia to create a commissioned work?

Usually between 2 and 4 weeks, depending on the commissioned work. Please clarify the time frame and time limits before placing the order.

  1. I want a work by Lucia Schautz, but I am unsure what type of artwork exactly I want.

Let’s find out together what ideas you have in your mind. Lucia will be happy to advise you, make suggestions and show you different possibilities and ideas. You can also get the ideas as a Photoshop variant for a better pictorial imagination. For a consultation, send an email or just call Lucia.

  1. How do I know if I will like the finished artwork?

We discuss step by step in detail your ideas and Lucia does everything to implement the ideas as a work of art. Of course, Lucia needs a certain artistic freedom and the necessary trust based on her typical work, so that a work of art can grow and suceed. If you like, you will be involved in the painting process with fotos, little videos or live calls. However, this should be clarified in advance. When Lucia considers the artwork is ready, the artistic result will be sent to you as a photo and small film. Usually, changes will be discussed after that. Feel free to share your wishes at this point.

  1. Do I receive a certificate of authenticity for a commissioned work?

Of course you will. Since it is an original painting, a commissioned work will also come with a certificate of authenticity and Lucia’s actual signature.

  1. Is a commissioned work considered a collector’s piece?

Yes, each artwork is an original by Lucia Schautz in her specific style and not a commissioned work in the sense of a copy or imitation of other styles, artworks or photographs.

With the permission of the buyer, the commissioned works are also published in art catalogs or even, in rare cases, rented from the buyer for special exhibitions.

  1. Who owns the image rights to the commissioned work?

All image results including documentation photos become the property of the client. The rights of use of the image designs and image results are unlimited in time, space and in all media, as long as the author is named. The copyright of the artwork remains with the artist Lucia Schautz.

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