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Lucia Schautz

In her works Lucia Schautz explores the connections between identity, process, and perception, moving between figuration and abstraction. After completing her art studies at the Academy of Fine Arts in Stuttgart, she won the DAAD scholarship to Paris and made her breakthrough on the art market with two One Artist shows at Art Karlsruhe and Art Fair Cologne in the year 2013. Schautz became known for her large-scale portrait paintings reflecting the complex web of human desires and revealing existing mechanisms of perception.


Lucia Schautz’s visual world is characterized by different image levels and interwoven scraps of words. She draws her inspiration primarily from the media context and combines it with out-of-context content to create new meanings. Her interest is the topic of constructed identity and the deconstruction of existing perceptual mechanisms.

She often starts her artworks with an abstract color background and then transfers the motifs using printing techniques and painting. The images are then reworked several times and transformed into a living surface. For Schautz, the artistic reworking is a visible thought process apart from a conscious construction of meaning. What interests me is the invisible in the visible, the ambiguous in the unambiguous. This opens up a world of imagination and poetics.’


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