Lucia Schautz is an versatile artist, based in Berlin. Mainly engaged in painting, she combines urban pop, sometimes with a classic style of painting, romantic vibrations in color and picture moods. The clear forms of the graphic-like screen print combine them with expressive brush-style. This complexity characterizes her personality just as well, as we were able to experience at our first meeting in Paris (at that time she successfully applied for a DAAD scholarship). Having grown up in an artist’s home in the south of Germany, she learned early on what it means to look at the world with the eye of a human being who reflects what she sees with colors and shapes in all its facets. The different realities and points of view are what ultimately drive the artist Lucia Schautz.

At the age of 18 she earned money on the street with her violin, later as an actress and scholarship holder in Paris, art student in Stuttgart, stage and costume designer for theatre and opera and with subsequent teaching assignments for art, creative innovation teaching for Companies, the artist’s view is always that of a versatile personality that constantly reinvents itself. The themes are always the same: the artistic guiding motifs such as identity, creativity and visibility keep her busy and she works consistently and passionately for her goal: discovering realities and potentials and making them visible. The design poles merge with each other and harmonize in a way that is attractive, almost romantically kitschy and in turn, brittlely destructive.
When you meet Lucia, she is always armed with new ideas, always looking for the perfect picture, which she says herself, probably never will find. Perfection is my ultimate goal, but also boring. Such comments make it clear how ambiguity can seem to be inspiring.
Lucia Schautz has brought her art and her thoughts into different areas such as education, business and the art market. It shows that it is possible to connect worlds and people when the idea of the image is clear and vivid in the mind. In that sense her art is full of positive emotions and her message, which can be found again and again in the pictures, is: ‚Realize your dream, even if you do not yet know how to reach it!‘ We think that’s awesome! (Janet Martin, Louvre, Museé du Mode, Paris)